The Sound of the Drum that Conquers All Adversity

A Letter of Supplication for the Swift Fulfillment of the Intentions
of the Supreme Victor, Karmapa

Worthy of worship by the light of the crown jewel
Of even great Brahma, the forefather of the universe,
Ogyen Wang-gi Dorje, with great respect
I bow to your lotus feet and offer these words.

Having arrived at this critical juncture of change,
From the vast expanse of the compassion of Lokeshvara,
The mandala of love radiating as the light of compassion
Is worthy of praise by the oceans of melodies of samsara and nirvana.

Like the Sugata taught in the Sutra of Individual Liberation,
“Harmony in the Sangha is the source of well-being.”
Thus how could any person of intelligence not praise
The utter quelling of degradation born from disharmony.

Beset by obstacles and hindrances, the Kamtsang divided in two.
This troubles me, and my mind is not at ease. But presently,
How wondrous that the Karmapa, a complete buddha,
Is reconciling this through the power of his compassion.

Knowing the consequences of the community of disciples of our
One refuge—the One Gone to Bliss—being split into two sides,
Protector who clearly sees the three times, you have granted us
Guidance through the four reliances; now we must follow it.

This skillful activity to pacify the disturbance
Fomented by the collection of the afflictions
Should be supported by the assembly of wise ones
Who have deep affection for the teachings and beings.

This old monk acts as you command.
The deeds of the Lord of Victors are like
A wish-fulfilling jewel or a wish-granting tree; I will follow
This supreme activity that will ripen into glorious fruit.

Embodiment of all victors, Rigpe Dorje himself,
Protector who intentionally appears in samsara,
May your white lotus and vajra-like determination
Never become discouraged, but remain forever stable.

Supreme bodhisattva of extraordinary intelligence,
May your life long endure like the sun and moon.
May your activity be utterly victorious over all.
May you be a mighty guide for beings of the three worlds.

May you swiftly turn your sights toward and return
To the sacred Dharma realm of the Noble Land of India
And again set out a feast of nectar that ripens and liberates.
May I quickly behold the mandala of your countenance—I offer this to you.

This letter of supplication with the number of verses equal to the [ten] powers, was written in Sikkim of the Noble Land of India at my residence, Ogmin Chöku Phodrang, by Goshirpa, the Regent (Gyaltsab) of Tsurphu, on the 23rd day of the 9th month in the Earth-Dog year—November 1st, 2018—on the day of the auspicious juncture of Gyal and Phur. Jayantu.